NORTH PORT - The donor chair has enough decorations fit for a queen. Staff at North Port’s OneBlood facility made sure to treat 100 gallon donor Frances Kern like royalty Thursday morning.

The Charlotte County resident says donating blood feels like her calling.

“I never even thought I would make it to 100 gallons. Decided it was the thing to do to help people save lives and do anything you can do to help cancer patients, babies, heart patients, accident victims," says Kern.

Oneblood staff says Kern’s commitment to donating her blood and platelets has helped hundreds. But they also had another surprise for the dedicated donor.

Five-year-old cancer survivor Avalynn and her mother Alyssa Luciano stop in during the festivities to put a sweet face to one of the many lives Kern’s donations have likely help save.

“Blood donors have meant so much to us during our journey. Without them we wouldn’t have Ava here today," says Luciano.

She says Ava’s battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age two helped her understand the dire need for blood donors.

“We’ve received 36 blood transfusions over the course of her treatment and its people like her that really make an impact and make it available for kids like Ava," explains Luciano.

The impact from Ava’s visit to Kern during her celebration is noticeable.

 “To say that you’ve done this, to say that you’ve helped save her life. She’s such a precious child, why not do it? No reason why you shouldn’t," says Kern.