SUNCOAST - Sarasota County Emergency Management is considering providing sandbags at different locations to help prevent flooding from heavy rain. 

"What we're talking about is the possibility of doing that tomorrow and, if we do, we do three sites. But, it all depends on what kind of rain we can anticipate based on what the weather services tells us tonight," Sarasota Co. Emergency Management's Ed McCrane said. 

While the storm isn't on a direct path to Sarasota County, staff is prepared for ANY scenario. 

"We always are monitoring these things and I know it's a challenge when it's a three day holiday weekend so every county employee, every one of our partner agencies and employees are looking at their weekend plans and determining whether or not they'll be here so we can adjust that because everybody realizes our first duties are to the citizens of Sarasota county when it comes to an emergency event," McCrane said.

For homeowners, Manatee County Emergency Management's Steve Litschauer says the first preparation technique is simple. 

"Have a plan. Know the construction of your home so you know what category of hurricane you might have to evacuate on. Know the level of evacuation for when that call comes, it comes. You already know," Litschauer said. 

Litschauer also says that it's best to prepare for hurricane season beforehand rather than during. 

"Always have that plan already in place. Always have your hurricane kit together so you do not have to hesitate, you do not have to prolong, you should already have that done at all times," Litschauer said.