SARASOTA - Caleb Jameson has been a bit of an environmentalist from a very young age. 

"I've always kind of had a passion for ocean life and marine life itself. I've been walking with Longboat Key Turtle Watch for about six years now and on patrol I've always kind of noticed plastics and other things always being left out and I've always wanted to kind of help with that," Jameson said. 

That's why he had the idea to introduce the turtle-safe toy box to give beach goers a place to store their beach toys. 

"People will come to the beach with their beach toys and use them and then they'll leave them behind for the next person coming and using them, the waves will wash out the toys and the toys will break down into small micro plastics. These small micro plastics if ingested by a turtle, just one of them, will give it about a 22 percent chance of dying," Jameson said.