VENICE -- Three straight regional titles, and a state championship mixed in between. Under the leadership of John Peacock and his staff, Venice high school has been at the top of the food chain.

“We are trying to build a national power,” Peacock said.

This process all starts with scheduling.

“There is no other substitute for learning how to play those games and playing the type of folks that we are playing,” Peacock said.

2019 got going with a bang, Venice downed Plant 49-30 in their preseason kickoff classic.

“In certain areas [on the field] we are better than we have ever been,” Peacock said.

A defense that is stacked with talent. Rowan Foskin was able to move from defensive-back to linebacker.

“ He [Foskin] helps us get more speed on the field, and he is a very physical kid. "It just makes our defense so much better," Peacock said.

Foskin is willing to make an impact any way possible: “Making more tackles and doing whatever I can for the team."

Perhaps a flashback to the days of Bryce Carpenter, as Nico DallaCosta takes the reins.

“Nico is a dual threat guy, so that does open up a lot of the things we have done in the past. Nico has also grown as a passer,” Peacock said.

A large deal of credit for the Indians sustained success has to do with their ability to move bodies at the line of scrimmage.    

“We can’t be more pleased with our offensive line and how they have been developing, and the things we are going to be able to do. We really feel good about things up front,” Peacock said.

Florida State commit, Thomas Shrader is geared up to start his third season in the trenches.

“Our O-line takes pride in what we do,” Shrader said.

When Venice hosts IMG Academy on August 23rd, there will be enough talent on the field for a bowl game.

“It is going to be a challenge, but I think the whole team is prepared, we have good coaches we should be fine,” Foskin said.

Come December, can the Indians be the last ones standing again, hosting a state championship trophy.

“It would be pretty special if we went off as State champs. That is the ultimate goal, I think that is everyone’s goal on the team,” Shrader said.