VENICE - The new Venice Pier should reopen by Labor Day weekend.  Besides the new deck, contractors are busy working on  punch–list items, including electrical components for new turtle–friendly lighting.

The pier on Harbor Drive  was damaged by Hurricane Irma in 2017. It was partially  closed May 13 and entirely closed June 10 so workers could replace the deck and railing.

Robert Biddlestone has been coming to the pier for years and looks forward to the grand reopening. 

"It's a great environment down here," said Biddlestone. "We travel down here from Sarasota, we love it down here, we love going out on the pier. We have Sharky's over here of course, which is a nice spot to go to and grab a bite to eat once you're at the beach all day so I think it's going to be great things for everybody."

Next up, city officials will decide whether to ban shark fishing at the pier and city beaches.