Out-of-Door Academy has a new mantra this season.

"Our theme has been 'fast and furious,' we are going to try and get the ball out quick to our play makers on the perimeter,” Kempton said.

Now that coach Kempton, and the Thunder have entered game week it is time to turn it up a notch.

“Guys are working hard, we are excited where we are at right now,” Kempton said.

It all started in the summer time and has trickled into every day work at the practice fields.

“Each and every practice we have gotten more and more physical, more ready to go, we are just looking forward to Friday night,” Nolan Lewellen said. “Definitely a lot more hungry this year. We are a lot more physical, by far this year, and every one is cracking heads. We are really looking forward to it,” Jarred Flahive said.

The Thunder logo the boys wear on their jerseys might as well come from the size they poses down in the trenches.

“The five guys that we have in the starting group are all over 200lbs, which is the first time in ODA that we have had that in a while,” Kempton said.

This O-Line helped spring Colin Castro for a 99 yard house call last year.

“I was just trying to get it out of the end zone, because we were backed up on the one [yard line]. I had the blockers up for me and I had one of our linemen running all the way up the field with me,” Castro said.

The man they call Sea Bass lives for those moments.

"Honestly I like getting dirty, I like getting hit, I like hitting people. The feeling is the best on defense when you knock a guy to the ground,” Sebastian Frias-Imbert said.

In the jam packed Sunshine State Athletic Conference, with St. Stephens as the cream of the crop.

“It is going to be a dog fight in our division,” Kempton said.