MYAKKA CITY- A Lakewood Ranch Freshman is hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit walking to his bus stop. Parents are now calling on the district to make this bus stop safer after students and the bus driver did everything right, but couldn’t stop a tragic accident from occurring.

 “I know how bad I feel this morning,” Lindsey McDaniel said. “And I can’t imagine being in this families position if it were my child.”

Lindsey McDaniel brought her 14-year-old daughter to the bus this morning.

“It’s dark,” McDaniel said. “It was raining, our children have to cross a road in the morning, it’s a 55 mph road.”

As the kids were crossing she saw a car come flying down the road in the other lane.

“And then I heard a big bang,” McDaniel said. “And I saw a child fly in the air and hit the ground, and I just threw my car into park, and grabbed my phone and ran up to him.

She held 14-year-old Gabriel Shimmin’s hand while they waited for paramedics.

“The school bus had all the equipment engaged,” Trooper Kenn Watson said. “The school bus driver had everyone stopped, the children did not enter the roadway until they were advised to do so at this point in time we have the fault of a driver.”

19-year-old Josee Martin faces charges of failing to stop for a school bus, and Florida Highway Patrol says she was distracted.

“As a driver of that motor vehicle you have to have that good situation awareness,” Trooper Watson said. “Here you are on a road where children have to cross a street to get to the bus, so we have to make sure we do everything we can to make sure our precious cargo is always safe.”

Kids have to cross the street when the bus comes, because the other side is a private street.

“The key here is making sure our children are not crossing a main road in the dark in the morning,” McDaniel said.

“You shouldn’t ask a child to go across a street to get on a bus,” Summers said. “Not unless you’re going to have guards here like you do in town.”

Parents want the school district to review the safety of the stop.

“All the parents,” McDaniel said. “We’re afraid to have our children get on a school bus, it’s a sad day in Myakka City.”

We reached out to the School District of Manatee County who did not have a comment at this time.

14-year-old Gabe remains at John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries. And because the crash resulted in serious bodily injury 19-year-old Josee Martin will have a court appearance to determine her fines.