SARASOTA COUNTY- The fight to save the YMCA continues. A startup charter school offers to buy a large part of the Frank G. Berlin branch.

The Dreamers Academy, a new dual-language charter school qualified for millions in tax exempt bonds, allowing it to purchase the property and do any necessary repairs. The Dreamers Academy Chairman Thomas Chaffee, says the Dreamers Academy and YMCA have the same goals and values,

"It's the diversity that it brings to our community," said Chaffee. "There are very few places where people can come together young and old, different walks of life, different cultures really come together and blend. It's truly the only place that I know of in town where that actually happens."

Chaffee is a member at the Frank G. Berlin YMCA and says this is more than just saving a gym.

"Some people call it a gym. Some people call it a wellness center, and some people say it's about fitness, but it's community," said Chaffee. "All of those thing may exist but what's most powerful and the most enduring about the YMCA is that community and diversity of the community that's represented."