SARASOTA -- Last year, Booker swarmed into the playoffs rattling off four straight wins to close out the regular season. Former head coach, Dumaka Atkins, was relieved of his duties after a grade changing scandal, which he was cleared in. Giving Dumaka’s brother, Baraka the opportunity to take over team.

“I am taking that nervous energy and turning it into a bit of motivation for myself and the players to go out there and play at our maximum ability,” Atkins said.

It is a family atmosphere at Booker, from the coaches down to the players. Providing the best opportunity for students of the game to learn and blossom. Trey Thomas will be a part of a Tornado defense looking for new players to make an impact.

“We really look up to coach Doom, we look up to all these coaches, they really help us with everything. If we do something wrong they come talk to us, and tell us what to adjust. We just love them,” Thomas said.

“I don’t know if we have two returning starters on defense right now,” Atkins said.

Late in the season, five foot, six inch, 170 pound, “Mighty Mouse,” Cleve Benson dazzled on the field at the quarterback position.

“He has accepted that role and has done a tremendous job as a leader,” Atkins said.

Braden River transfer Jaquez Jones will be in the backfield side by side with Benson.

“He is making plays, so they are looking at him. Little do they know we have a whole offense, you can’t focus on just one [player],” Jones said.

What a way to kick start the regular season. It is Booker hosting Cardinal Mooney.

 “Gotta be great, trying to come into the season and win it all," Jones said.