SARASOTA-School is back in session, but drivers don’t seem to know that. Sarasota Police Department issued 31 speeding tickets to drivers in just the first two days of school.

One for a driver going 64 mph in a 15 mph school zone has been shared on Facebook over 300 times. Sarasota Police Officer Jason Frank says make sure you leave extra time to get where you need to in the morning.  

 “People have obviously forgotten that school has started,” Officer Frank said. “They drive the same route in those summer months, and they don’t see the flashing lights, they don’t see crossing guards, they don’t see the kids, and they are just being creatures of habit. And we have to remember that school’s in session and kids are out there, parents are out there, families are out there, other drivers are out there, and we just need to make sure that we all slow down.”

Speeding tickets can cost you over $400 dollars.