SARASOTA CO - The former golf course was designed to be turned into space for more houses in the Gulf Gate Community when the course was removed in 2016. No such thing has happened. Residents say Carlos Beruf of Medallion Homes and the previous owner, Leslie Gray, are not taking responsibility for the property. 

"For a gentleman who was actually going to represent our state senate I think it would be nice for him to actually care about the people he was planning on protecting and serving," neighborhood resident Karen Goodrick said. 

Goodrick would like to see at least SOMETHING  done with all of that land. 

"I would like to just see that the area be well maintained and taken over. With the grass, there were times before that it was actually overgrown and we had some issues with rat problems where they're in the actual fields and coming on to our properties. So, not only is the coast associated to me as a homeowner for that but I'm also paying for additional mowage on my existing property that does not actually go up to the area that is cornered off," Goodrick said. 

Of course, residents say that land left the way it is now is doing nothing but harm for the neighborhood. 

"The whole sale of the golf course was a disservice. We bought this property in good faith we were buying on a golf course then it disappeared and we were told that we were going to have to accept that they were just going to put a hundred and nine houses on this property which we're going to be right in our backyard," resident Regina Herbert said. 

The eyesore doesn't match the neighborhood that is well maintained by its residents. 

"It's just ugly to look at. Everybody in this neighborhood keeps their house and their property in good order and we all follow regulations that are dictated by the homeowner's association and if we have to follow the regulations so do the people that surround us," Herbert said.