SARASOTA COUNTY - What started as a workout in one woman's basement is now a nationwide franchise with a studio in Sarasota. It's a trip to "the bar" to burn calories, but not the kind of bar you'd think. At Pure Barre Sarasota, you're trading in a glass of Pinot for a plank.

Head Instructor, Kristen Hernandez said, "Pure Barre is a total body workout. Depending on which class you take, we have 45 minutes or 50 minutes. It's a place where you come in wit  h a positive energy, a soulful space, and just leave with a full, mind, body connection." It combines pilates, yoga, ballet, and weight training with minimal equipment....all you need to bring sticky–bottomed socks.

She said, "If you've ever been to the hospital for an overnight stay, they give you socks so you don't slip because we'll rise high to our toes and sometimes your sliding one leg with the other and the other needs to be stabilized." 

It might look easy...but in Hernandez's "classic" class, small and slow movements bring the burn. She said, "I think that's the big focus is that we're not just doing bicep curls, we're not just squatting. We're using every part of your body and mustering up all the energy that you have to create one small movement, which is unlike any other movement you'll see anywhere else."

It's why Hernandez fell in love with the barre. She said, "I was so frustrated by the shaking but afterward I felt so empowered and uplifted and within two weeks, I actually saw definition that I've never seen before."

Now she helps spread its mental and physical benefits 7 days a week at the studio located in the Paradise Plaza, across from the Westfield Siesta Key Mall.  She said, “That’s what I love teaching is that I can give that to people, I can give them a release from their day and a positive outlook about what’s to come tomorrow.”

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