VENICE -- Last week during our first installment of student athlete of the week, the kids were still on summer break. Now up and down the Suncoast the boys and girls are hitting the books, as school opened for the year on Monday.

This weeks Encompass Health Student Athlete of the week is Venice offensive lineman, Thomas Shrader. Shrader is set to embark on his fourth year under head coach John Peacock , serving as the left tackle in the trenches for the Indians. For Shrader, all the credit for his individual growth goes to the program in place at Venice.

Talk about a having a summer, Shrader committed to Florida state University in July. "Committing to Florida State was definitely the biggest part of my summer. It is pretty cool playing in the ACC at the next level. My mom said what do you want to do in college I told her football,' she said what if that doesn't happen, I told her it will happen," Shrader said.