SARASOTA -Her calming nature precedes her. She’s the neighborhood mother in the purple house, ready to help anyone who walks through those double doors.

Dr. April Glasco, CEO and founder of Second Chance Last Opportunity, is here for those who feel invisible. “They can live a better life, but they have to build their self-confidence and self-esteem knowing that they can do it. You can’t give too much to a person that never received," says Dr. Glasco.

Of course, Dr. Glasco’s non-profit organization provides more than emotional support to those in need.

“We have three main programs and that’s the Sister Circle program, then we have the out of the box youth program, and then we have the life management skills for the counseling and any type of assistance that they need to continue on living a productive life," says Dr. Glasco.

Second Chance Last Opportunity also stocks their shelves with food, toiletries, baby needs, and clothing. Even the refrigerator filled with free meat.

No questions asked.

Dr. Glasco bellows across busy Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, actively looking to help. Local resident Emi McGowan follows her friendly invitation to “come get some food!”

"See her, she’s doing a hand up. She’s not putting Band-Aids on them, she’s handing the Band-Aids to you. We’re going to give you everything that you need for those stepping stones, but it’s still up to you to take those steps," says McGowan.

This Saturday, the organization will host its first annual gospel and soul music fundraiser, Singing For The Soul, featuring local singers. Like many things Dr. Glasco stands behind, this charity event serves a deeper purpose.

Some individuals use their gifts to release their stories, to release their pain. Singing for the Soul helps the ones who are performing as well as the ones who are listening," says Dr. Glasco.

A healer of sorts herself, bridging a gap where it’s needed the most.

Visit SCLO for more information on the organization.