SARASOTA - A Sarasota Police Officer used a taser to break up a dogfight in Downtown Sarasota over the weekend, and it is not this dog's first tussle.

Officers were flagged down at Main St. and Lemon Ave. at around 7:45 p.m., by a crowd of people shouting for help.

According to a police report, a brown pit bull had a tan poodle in it's jaws.

Police say as a safety concern the officer decided use his taser on the dog.

The pit bull's owner, a homeless man and the poodle's owner, Richard Rostant, had minor cuts to their hands from attempting to separate the dogs.

Rostant spoke to an SNN  producer on the phone today and said that while there are reports that his poodle, "Reese", provoked the attack in some way, those reports are not accurate. Rostant claims he was giving the pit bull a wide berth when it suddenly attacked.

Grampp's dog, a brown pit bull named Champion, has been involved in two dog fights and five other police reports for barking or being aggressive in the last two months, according to the Sarasota Police Department.

In July, a small brown and white dog was bitten and needed treatment that cost $1,300.

Animal Services took custody the pit bull, and Grampp was issued two civil citations.

"Reese", who has lacerations to his back side and his back, is still recovering at an animal hospital at this time but is expected to be released later on this week.