MANATEE -- More than 1,800 yards received their high school diplomas, and walked at graduation last May for head coach John Biezuns and his Bayshore football team.

“They were 90 percent of our scoring. Between Corey, and Quay, and Eshinner, and those guys are gone,” Biezuns said.

Posing the question,“who wants to be the next guy?”

19 upperclassman on the roster, on-top of a solid summer in the weight room.

“I know guys a lot stronger, so I think things are looking up for us to be honest,” Biezuns said.

An interception, a forced fumble, and more than 140 yards as a return man for Brian Coleman in 2018.

“In the beginning of the season I didn’t really play QB, I was only playing defense and special teams. "Then at the end of the year I started playing QB and won us back some games,” Coleman said.

In 2018, Brian Coleman did it all for the Bruins. Now this year, the senior has been given the keys to the offense.

“I have the ball more in my hands, so help this team win more games than last year,” Coleman said.

“He actually started three games at quarterback his freshman year, sue to some injuries. Been with the program four years, hard nose kid, by far our best leader, captain for us this year, you know he really commands the huddle,”

In Biezuns first three years at the helm, the Bruins are 8-19, entering this season, in search of the school’s first winning season in 16 years.

“The kids that we have with us, have bought in 100%, I couldn’t be happier with the kids who decided to come over to Bayshore, that really has been a plus for us,”Biezuns said.

One transfer is Swiss army knife Marcus Furlow.

“Coming from Sarasota to Bayshore, it is a little bit different, but I am growing to these players and coaches and look forward to having a great season,” Furlow said.

The Bruins are scratching and clawing for their first playoff appearance since 2005.

 “We got the players, we got the skill, we just going to go on from there,” Furlow said.