“I would eat a few bites of food and immediately feel like there was a brick in my stomach," Berkofsky said.

It quickly progressed to nausea and pain, and she says it didn't matter what she tried to eat.

"Anything I consumed would come back to haunt me," Berkofsky said.

Her doctor eventually diagnosed her with gastroparesis, or stomach paralysis - a debilitating digestive disease. Medication wasn't helping.

"I have children; that definitely was the biggest problem for me was to not be able to things with my kids," Berkofsky said. "They have gone on vacation without me.”

That was just the emotional toll.

"I dropped a lot of weight really quickly. My hair was falling out; my nails were breaking," Berkofsky said.

She was living on some broth and a handful of jellybeans, severely malnourished, until last October, when she found this Facebook group

The group is run by Chalyce Macoskey, who was inspired by her own stomach issues to help others.

“I had a country doctor in Arkansas take me under her wing and start teaching me these kinds of things," Macoskey said.

She researched natural healing for years and became an IV-certified medical assistant with certifications in aromatherapy and holistic health coaching.

“I dove into essential oils with a passion and was looking for something I could grab onto. From there I just kept going," Macoskey said.

Her essential oil blends are specially curated for gastroparesis, a formula she says is 25 years in the making. Those, along with her book encouraging a clean diet, outline the protocol that changed Berkofsky's life.

“That woman saved my life," Berkofsky said.

“It’s about helping others," Macoskey said. "That's my whole passion."

Berkofsky says she rubs the essential oils on her wrists three times a day and feels better.  Macoskey says they shouldn’t necessarily replace a doctor or medicine, but instead work in conjunction with medical treatment. Visit her website to learn more.