SARASOTA - Less talk and more action is what’s needed as the deadline to shut the YMCA doors fast approaches.

'Save Our Y' committee members meet Monday morning to hash out the beginning phases of a business plan, racing against the clock.

‘Save Our Y’ co-founder Lucia Barrett says the committee is trying to buy more time.

“We are talking about a business plan. We’re talking about fundraising, how we’re going to raise money from public supporters. And, what we need to do to actually get this thing going and keep the Y open," says Barrett.

YMCA member Joan Turner attends the thrice weekly committee meetings and is passionate about all the programs and benefits the Y offers.

“They deliberately waited until the last minute to close so that we would be in the position of scrambling to do something," says Turner.

Barrett assures changes within the Y should the groups determination prove impactful.

"This will be totally new management. Anyone who makes any donations will go to ‘Save Our Y’ committee, and we’re not involving the board in our fundraising at all. It’s for our private efforts," says Barrett.

They have a month left.