SARASOTA- The kids are back in school, and the school traffic is back on our roads. Sarasota and Manatee County Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments across both counties have extra traffic patrols out in those school zones making sure kids and parents walking and driving to school get there safe.

Sergeant Daryl Seckendorf says the best way to stay safe is to pay attention to your surroundings and following all of the rules of the road.

“When it comes to your school buses,” Sgt. Seckendorf said. “Make sure you stop for those school buses, they have those red stop bars out. Remember if there’s no median in the middle of the roadway you have to stop in both directions, if there is a median, as long as it’s 4 ft. wide then you can keep on going. The thing you have to remember is everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere, you just have to slow down, first week of school for sure.

And come October 1st, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office will start issuing tickets for anyone using a cell phone in a school zone, so make sure your using your device hands free and paying attention to the roadway.