SARASOTA - The headliner of the event as was the band Kettle of Fish at Farmer's Market third installment of the music festival. 

"Well, we've got a great band with Kettle of Fish. They're well-known around the area. You know, we luckily had some good sponsors because, you know, it costs a fair amount to put an event on and everybody sort of joined in once again. The rain has ended. It was a little bit rainy but people got through it, just like Woodstock," Sarasota Farmer's Market Director Phil Pagano said. 

Pagano organized the event for the first time three years ago and he says he was inspired by his childhood fandom of rock music. 

"In 1973, I went to Watkins Glen. It was called a Summer Jam. I was eighteen years old and there was more people than Woodstock. So, I've always wanted to have a Woodstock," Pagano said. 

'They have a contest for the best-dressed hippie and they have all of the Volkswagens set up and the regular farmer's market when you can go get your produce and everything, you know, before this show actually starts with the band and everything. So, it's good," hippie Mary Chapin said.