SARASOTA COUNTY - Just in time for the start of the school year Monday, Sarasota County Schools Police Department welcome their biggest class of school resource officers yet.

Friday morning the department hosted a swearing in ceremony, where 30 School Resource Officers were sworn into service, fully staffing the department assigning 2 SROs per high school and one at every middle and elementary school.

Police Chief, Tim Enos said these men and women were scouted from Colorado to New Jersey to right here on the Suncoast, collectively clocking in more than 1400 years of experience.

Chief Enos said, "...extremely qualified individuals that are going to be able to provide the best service. Because we have officers that were Chief of Police at other agencies, Captains, we have Lieutenants, we have sergeants, we have specialty units, investigators...."

Chief Enos said each officer completed 5 weeks of training this summer. The Oath of Office doubled as a promotion ceremony for new Sergeants and Lieutenants in the department.