SARASOTA - Sarasota County officials say residents and business along Hyde Park St, Brookhaven Drive, Sea View St, and Bahia Vista St may encounter road work in the future.

The county is looking to replace a two mile waste-water collection pipes with a 24 inch pipe to increase the flow. County officials say that as Sarasota continues to grow these type of projects are necessary to keep up with the growing city.

"We’re up-sizing the existing 12 inch force main to a 24 inch force main basically to carry flow collected in the neighborhoods, sewage flow, and take it to the treatment plan out in Bee Ridge,” said Sarasota County Utilities Engineering Manager Gregory Rouse.

"As the utility continue to grow we see pressures within the system and to help keep the pressure low and to keep the systems operable we’re putting in a bigger pile line to lower pressure,” said Rouse.

The project is in its final stages of design and will be submitted for approval. Construction is expected to last around a year in those neighborhoods, however it’ll take another year before the project begins.