CHARLOTTE COUNTY - A Suncoast homeless coalition celebrated 30 years of serving vets, families, seniors, and more Thursday morning. 

On big city streets, the homeless can't be missed. But on the Suncoast, Chief Executive Officer of The Homeless Coalition, Tina Figliuolo said, "They're the people you don't see. The families and some of our veterans, you don't know where they are. They're not riding a bike on the side of the road or panhandling on the corner." 

It's why the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition opened their doors in 1989. She said, "We serve veterans families, and individuals. Whether you're in need of shelter, a hot meal, or preventing you from being homeless." 

It's one–stop site serving around the clock until the homeless population reaches zero. Making itself place to rest your head up to thirty days. She said, "We have over an 82–percent success rate for our shelter residents, coming into shelter and moving into housing, when the national average is close to ten percent, we're doing pretty well."

The non-profit is also a spoon to feed you with an on–site food pantry and at Coalition Café, offering a free dinner to anyone 7 days a week. Those services were honored Thursday on the non–profit's 30th anniversary. She said, "Our population of homeless has decreased over the last few years, where in Charlotte County less than ten years ago, where now, it's 200–250."

The community celebrated with a breakfast and a name change, becoming "The Homeless Coalition". With plans to expand their services beyond Charlotte County.

You can support the homeless coalition by coming out to the finals of "Charlotte Idol" Saturday night at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center or make a donation to their food pantry.

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