"Electrophysiologists are all cardiologists who sub-specialize in rhythm issues of the heart," Electrophysiologist Dr. Jared Collins said. "We’ve just built a new facility that houses brand new equipment for electrophysiology studies.”

Dr. Collins says the technology will help him and other doctors pinpoint specific kinds of heart rhythm issues and how to best treat them, which could be in a number of ways.

“That's including either implantable devices, medication or a procedure called an ablation," Dr. Collins said.

3-D mapping techniques can even find exactly where the abnormal heart rhythm started.

“Before this lab we were unable to perform those specific electrical heart studies, and this will allow us to do that," Dr. Collins said.

He says not only does it make his job easier, but Suncoast patients’, too.

“It allows us to care for them directly here without having to transfer them to another facility," Dr. Collins said.

He says each patient’s arrhythmia is different, and that’s why he loves what he does.

“That’s the fun of being an electrophysiologist, is that there’s a variety everyday and we’re able to help people in specific ways that other specialties aren't able to," Dr. Collins said.