SARASOTA-  The City of Sarasota is making it easier for people to walk down to St. Armand’s Circle.

They are expanding sidewalks on John Ringling Blvd. after the Coon Key Bridge to create the Coon Key Multi-use Recreational trial. Helping them expand the legacy trail to reach the barrier islands. The project also includes new landscaping, bus shelters and storm drain replacement. The entire project is 1.89 million dollars, and over 800,000 will be paid for by the Florida Department of Transportation.

 “It’s going to be a wider path from what currently exists today,” Colleen McGue said. “And it will be a safer path for bicyclists and people walking out there. It will be something that people that are visiting Sarasota or live here can all benefit from, separated from cars.”

They will be removing over 300 Australian Pines for the project, and replacing them with more mature native trees that will be safer during storms.