SARASOTA-  Congressman Vern Buchanan is calling for Bipartisan gun legislation after mass murders this weekend in El Paso and Dayton.

"I have my sister, my niece and nephew live in El Paso," Buchanan said. "So it's something I've been talking with them over the last couple of days, it's just horrifying, obviously we've got to do something on a bipartisan basis and start dealing with a lot of these issues."

Buchanan says anything they do needs to start with support for communities like El Paso and Dayton still reeling from the tragedies.

"Right now it's really support the families," Buchanan said. "A lot of grieving a lot of tragic loss, whatever we can do from that side I think is the most important thing."

But Buchanan is willing to end the congressional recess early and go back to Washington to focus on Gun Violence measures.

"I think it's something we need to consider," Buchanan said. "I mean let us get through this process and then we need to be focusing on that, I'd like to think there are some bipartisan things we can clearly do and we will do."

Buchanan was one of the republicans that voted for red flag laws in the house.

"In terms of background checks," Buchanan said. "To me that's a no brainer, I supported that, 90% of American people support that, and it's clearly something I think will get done here in the near future."

The bill Buchanan voted for in the House, was not taken up for a vote in the Senate.

"I think it's a new day," Buchanan said. "And I think really we need to come together and figure out what more we need to be doing, that's my mindset, but I think first we need to go through this grieving process with the community, not finger point, but let us get quickly to a point where we're dealing with some of these issues."

The House and Senate are currently in recess until September 9th.