SARASOTA-  The Kids are headed back to school next week, and the Sheriff’s Office wants parents and drivers to be prepared.

Starting with the first day of school, the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office will be sending out traffic safety reminders and tips on their social media channels. Sheriff’s Officer Spokesperson Kaitlyn Perez says they will be reminding drivers of new laws going into effect, and giving them tips on how to keep kids safe on and off the roads.   

 “That’s going to include information about traffic laws,” Perez said. “For example cell phones are not allowed in school zones, which is new this year, so we’re going to be talking a lot about that. We’re also going to be talking about 15 mobile applications which parents should be made aware of. In July, Sheriff Knight announced 15 mobile apps that were used by predators for the purpose of sexual exploitation. It’s something we take extremely seriously here at the Sheriff’s Office.”

The Sheriff’s Office will also have increased patrols in school zones for the first few weeks of school.