SARASOTA - "I have involved in this three years ago and every year it’s more successful than the year before,” said Barbra Ruginski.

Ruginski has been organizing charitable fundraisers for fifteen years. Her passion for helping others led her to help organizations like St. Jude’s collect to keep helping those in need.

"I feel so sorry for those kids and my heart goes out for them,” said Ruginski.

15 lanes full of enthusiastic people helping kids and their families continue to receive free care at St. Jude. Liz Amberger says what’s better than bowling and helping out for a good cause.

"100% percent goes back to St. Jude and that’s the nice thing about St. Jude as an organization. 100% of the funds that are raised go to the organization,” Amberger.

Nicky Quick brought her entire family to the bowling alley. She says as a mother she wants to help out as much as possible for all the help St. Jude does for children and their family.

"It’s so great that we have these kind of fundraisers to help the families in hard times, so that they have a little bit of help for money and food so that they can keep going,” said Quick.

Though many are hitting strikes and winning big, the families receiving treatment from St. Jude are the real winners.