SARASOTA - Kids of all ages are thinking outside the box and learning all about robotics and computer coding at the FIRST RISE Robotics Season kickoff.

"A lot of different things to kinda stir their STEM juices and hopefully get them excited to join us for the season,” said Nerida Lafontant. 

Suncoast Florida League’s, Lafontant dedicates her time teaching students how to build a robot out of Legos and teaching them how to write computer code.

"It’s so important I think to build a foundation," said Lafontant. "If you take a close look coding and robotics, technology in general, is the foundation of that.”

The kickoff allowed students in robotic leagues to get an exclusive look at some of the new challenges they’ll face this season. Joshua Selvan was introduced to the world of robotics when he was 10-year-old and quickly fell in love with the sport.

"I really like this program because of how many people it helps and the opportunities it creates for people,” Selvan. 

Selvan says he loves the design stage of building and robot and then putting it all together and watching his creation come life. "The fun part is putting in all the hard work and then seeing the robot perform and being proud of it," he said.

Different schools across the Suncoast offer STEM programs allowing students to learn robotics and computer coding. Lafontant says she hopes more kids are exposed to robotics at school and says FIRST RISE league is always welcoming new members.