"This is where we get together with all the shelters and rescues that we work with throughout the year and we get together for a big celebration, hopefully adopt a lot of animals out. We have over 30 dogs here and 20 cats and then all of our shelter rescue partners, they bring animals as well," Manatee Co. Animal Services' Hans Wohlgefahrt said.

The event is a prime opportunity for Manatee Co. Animal Services to unload but only to qualified and loving owners. 

"The summer months for us have been really tough. We're very overcrowded so this gives always a perfect opportunity for us to adopt our a fairly large amount of animals but, you know, we keep all of our same adoption practices. Our main concern is always that these animals go to good homes," Wohlgefahrt said. 

"We really market the event as a one stop shop. It's the largest pet expo and adoption event in the area so even if people aren't looking to adopt they can still find something cool for their pets at home and get information," Friends of Manatee Co. Animal Services' Caryn Hodge said. 

The fifth Adopt-a-Palooza featured a great turnout of pet enthusiasts. 

"We're really happy that this many people in our community are advocating really by coming to this event as an attendee for the rescue community," Hodge said.