SARASOTA COUNTY- Back to school means back to driving in schools zones, and officers are warning drivers to slow down.  

“Most people have been driving through these intersections passing schools. They don’t realize they’re passing a school or being that its summer and they’ve forgotten that they’re there," said Sarasota Police traffic officer, Jason Frank.

The flashing lights warning drivers they're in a school zone, have been off during the summer months. Beginning August 12th, the lights will be flashing, kids will be getting back to school, and Officer Frank and Sarasota Police traffic officers will be patrolling the area making sure drivers are following the 15 mile an hour speed limit.

“We’re trying to avoid a traffic crash. We’re trying to avoid a child or a parent struck by a car. We’re trying to avoid points on licenses and fines," said officer Frank.

When it comes to avoiding accidents, tickets and fines, Officer Frank said preparation is key.

“When someone doesn’t plan their day accordingly and they’re running late, not only are they going to be late to work, if they are caught speeding in a school zone, they’re going to be even later to work and they’re going to have a hefty dine because there are no breaks in a school zone," said officer Frank.

The North Port Police Department is also warning drivers to put down the phones, slow down and pay attention to the road. North Port Police Department’s Josh Taylor said they’re not trying to trick drivers; they’re just trying to keep everyone safe.

“This isn’t about giving tickets. This isn’t about giving people a hard time," explained Josh Taylor. "It’s about people being aware of our kids.”