SARASOTA -Members from both Sarasota County YMCAs may be searching for other options as the closing date of both facilities draws near.

While the Y is best known for its classes and camaraderie, local gyms like LA Fitness and Crunch confirm seeing an increase in memberships from those seeking YMCA alternatives. Crunch Fitness general manager Kellan Braren says his facility is doing its best to accommodate those in the community searching for a new gym to call home.

"The YMCA was such a family and relationship oriented place and they want something that is sort of similar to that. That sort of club feel, they want to feel that they belong to something, that they’re a part of something. When they come in we just want to show them that while we are a slightly different type of community, we are a community nonetheless," says Braren.

Braren says not only does Crunch offer similar classes to those from the Y, but they are looking to help employees losing their jobs due to the closures.