SARASOTA - Antique Clock Emporium opened the first time eight short months ago and owner and sole employee Larry Adami has been obsessed with clocks for the last 35 years. 

"I was at an antique store and I saw a clock and I thought that would look really nice on my mantle in my fireplace so I bought it and one turned into two and two turned into twenty and twenty turned into two hundred and I haven't stopped...until the day I stop buying clocks," Adami said. 

Now, Adami is living the dream and owning and operating his own clock haven. 

"We have clocks from 1660 - English bracket clock, we have special clocks like a one of a kind clock that was made for the night stippler in the mid 1800's; it was a commissioned clock. I have swinging clocks, we have portico clocks, we have automaton clocks, you name it, we have it here and it's the best of the best," Adami said.