SARASOTA-  Sarasota County Sheriff’s office Agricultural Unit is teaming up with farms and businesses across the county to help support Nebraskans still suffering from disastrous flooding.

It could be months before the agricultural business there start to recover.

“A lot of times ranchers and people in the ag industry,” Deputy Robbie Martin said. “Don’t really ask for help, there is a sense of pride there that I’m going to take care of my business.”

But farmers and ranchers rallied to help them anyway, in April Deputy Robbie Martin went up with the first group.

“Part of the roads that we saw were just nothing but a sea of water,” Deputy Martin said. “We saw homes that were destroyed, there was a lot of the roads that we went by had nothing, it was just littered with furniture from people that were flooded out.”

They’ve continued to collect donations, and are sending another five trucks of goods up to Nebraska.

“There’s going to a semi that’s going to have nothing but hey,” Deputy Martin said. “We have some flatbeds, gooseneck trailers like you see behind us that’s going to have a mixture of hey, and cattle cubes, which are a bag form of feed for cattle.”

They’re also bringing fencing supplies to help ranchers secure cattle. Deputy James Achille says it’s also a good learning experience for the Sheriff’s Office.

“Going up there and seeing how this distribution station is set up,” Deputy Achille said. “Seeing how they’re prioritizing where things need to go, so in the event that something happens here, we can bring that information back and be able to effectively distribute what needs to be done here.”

Achille says he hopes the trip informs people that Nebraskans are still hurting from winter flooding.

“You can repair a roof and the roof’s good,” Deputy Achille said. “But you can’t plant a crop overnight, and expect it to be a viable crop overnight.”

The group is leaving on the 38-hour drive to Nebraska Thursday Morning.