Master Trooper Barbara Ehrhart found her calling when a state trooper pulled her over in Pinellas County.

“That gentleman was so rude to me that I just thought, 'You know, I could do better than that,'" Ehrhart said. 

That single thought, led her to a 36-year career with Florida Highway Patrol, where she wore many hats.

"I was a field training officer for many, many years," Ehrhart said. "I’m the auxiliary instructor; I was able to go to the presidential inauguration in 2016, which was very cool."

She also met her husband when they were both working patrol. They've been married 23 years. Ehrhart says a lot has changed at Florida Highway Patrol since she started.

“There was one female trooper," Ehrhart said. "I had to prove myself. I felt like everyday, I had to go above and beyond to show the guys I worked with that I can do this.”

Ehrhart officially signed off, but she’ll be staying on the reserve program to help with the auxiliary. She and her husband have a cruise planned to Italy and Greece, too. 

Even on her toughest days at work, Ehrhart says she knew she was in the right place.

“This is where I belonged," Ehrhart said. "I don’t think I could've picked another career better than this one.”