SARASOTA COUNTY - One of the many perks to living on the Suncoast are the beaches. It can be a scenic spot to get your body moving. One Suncoast group is using its blank canvas to get their bodies moving using an instrument that is no stranger to anyone's childhood. 

Heather Kirkendall calls it "moving meditation". She said,  "Get out of my head...get out of the chatter...the crazy chatter that goes on in your brain."  At 8 a.m. on Nokomis Beach, it's music on and hoops up to make room for "Peace, Love, and Hoopiness".

"This is a place that had afforded me to escape," Heather said. It is a feeling heather first discovered 10 years ago after leaving a 22–year nursing career. She said, "I was in a sad place in my life and didn't really know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I get sent off to a music festival to try to figure out what I was going to do." There, she tried out hooping for the first time and came home with a new mindset and a mission. 

"I started making hula hoops in my back yard. I started putting together hula hoops with my daughter in my back yard," she said. Three years later and a 100 lb weight loss, she got certified in HoolaFit, and launched Peace, Love, & Hoopiness.  She said,


 "And off to the races. Started teaching in May of 2013. Here we are six years later. I have an amazing beach class."

Featuring twirls and swirls working the whole body. Heather said the class is customizable for all fitness levels.

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