VENICE - With the rash of sewage spills in Sarasota County in July alone, one city is thinking how they can punish the spillers.

The Venice City Council will take up the question of whether they can have 'penalty clauses for stupid things builders and developers might do' following a spill of 449,000 gallons of sewage after a contractor cut a 16–inch force main

The City Council will explore whether they can levy penalties after similar incidents in the future.

According to the Herald Tribune, Venice Mayor John Holic said in emails to staff that he plans to bring it up for discussion when the council reconvenes Aug. 27.

The contractor cut into a 16–inch force main owned by Sarasota County, but was able to create a berm to keep the sewage contained in a holding pit on the construction site keeping damage to a minimum.

It was the fourth massive spill in Sarasota County in the month of July.