“He went into the NICU for low blood sugar and after a few days he started showing signs that he wasn’t doing so good," Goggins said. 

 Just a few days into his life, Ahmad was diagnosed with Necrotizing entercolitis, a severe infection in his intestines.

“When we first were told about it, it was like a piece of paper given to us describing what it was, and out of all the things I was reading, all I could hear was, 'death,'" Goggins said. "Once we realized how serious it was, we made a decision to have him transferred to All Children's Hospital.”

That’s where he had his first surgery at just four days old. He’s now had eight surgeries in his five months.

“When he started getting sick and not being able to come home with us, that’s when it was kind of real for me," Goggins said.

She had to leave her job, so she could go back and forth to visit Ahmad at the hospital everyday. That added financial stress to the family’s heartbreak, so Carl Reynolds Law wanted to lend them A Helping Hand.

“We’re very happy to present this money to you and your family on behalf of Ahmad, who we hope gets out of the hospital soon to join your family," H. Bowen Summer said.

Anthony Edwards says it’s hard for him to have to miss out on all the visits with his son.

“I gotta take days off to go see him. That’s the hardest part about this whole situation," Edwards said.

They both say with Ahmad’s health, they have to be cautiously optimistic.

“It’s like to the point that he’ll get better, and then it down spirals to something else," Edwards said.

With some success in the most recent surgery, they hope the end is in sight. What makes the wait easier, Goggins says, is Ahmad’s fighting spirit.

“He’s very strong, like, if you look at him, you can’t even tell something’s wrong with him," Goggins said.

His most recent surgery was a few weeks ago and Antoinette says it was successful. She created a GoFundMe page, too.