BRADENTON - A Bradenton man says he's lucky to be alive after he was stabbed by his own pool furniture. 

"I don't know if I used up - if I have nine lives, this is one of them of course," said Charlie Lee, who survived injury to his neck.
What was supposed to be a day of fun and relaxation with friends by the pool quickly became a day he'll never forget.

"We realized the probable culprit was one or both of these probably middle, middle legs, although it could have been a front leg too,"Lee added.

Charlie Lee says a strong gust of wind caused his pool furniture to blow around. He says he was securing a flapping banner when it all went wrong.
"A large gust of wind lifted me off my feet, with the chaise lounger in my arms and threw me into the pool. And I landed on top of the chaise lounger leg and it punctured my neck," he explained.

The lounger's leg impaled Lee's neck missing his carotid artery by two centimeters.

"I recall thinking my jaw was hurt and then I touched my neck and there was blood and I could feel there was a hole inside my neck."

Lee says it's a miracle to be alive and thanks his friend, a critical care trauma nurse and ER doctors for saving his life.

"Her first responder experience was clearly evident then and stabilizing and calming me down that was extremely important. Her quick responses kept me in a stable position so I didn't further injure myself."