SARASOTA - In this week's edition of Feel Good Friday, SNN's Grant Boxleitner spent time at Bob's Train in Sarasota. 

This attraction may be a little difficult to find, but visitors will take a step back in time. Owner Bob Horne has a series of vintage train cars, including Jomar, which was once owned by John and Mable Ringling. Horne says he's slowly renovating the train car. 

Bob's Train serves lunch and dinner on select days and times, along with Sunday brunch.

Horne, a former president of the Showfolks, has amassed more than 900 photographs on the trains that paint a historic picture of Sarasota, from famous people who have visited to the community's rich circus history. In addition to being the chef, he also shares stories with visitors.  

Bob's Train is located at 2211 Fruitville Road. Horne talks about the train during the segment. Catch Feel Good Friday weekly on SNN, the Suncoast News Network.