MANATEE COUNTY - Several businesses evacuated a Bradenton shopping plaza after a suspicious water bottle was found in a nearby trash can. Firefighters responded to a call of a pulled fire alarm at a Publix  just after 10 a.m. Monday in the 7300 block of Manatee Ave West in Bradenton.

While on scene, an employee showed a fire fighters what appeared to be a bottle filled with a suspicious liquid and wires sticking out of it found in a nearby trashcan. Police secured the area as several businesses were evacuated as a precaution.

Technicians deemed the device was not a threat and there were no signs of a fire.

Bradenton Police Captain Brian Theirs said, "Don't touch, don't pick up, don't put in trash. Try to do your best to remain calm. Call 911, let them know what you have. And then just steer clear of the area. Don't grab things and move them around, just in case if it is something that could be dangerous, whether explosive or toxic. You never know."

The evacuation was lifted less than an hour later.The water bottle was taken into custody by detectives as they continue their investigation.