SARASOTA-  Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office added a new four-legged member to their team.

K9 Enzo is a male German Shepherd and Belgium Malinois mix born in Hungary. He’s a year and a half old and will be working patrol and narcotics detection with Deputy Shane Watson. They’ve completed over 600 hours of training together and are already close friends.

 “I worked patrol prior to that,” Deputy Watson said. “And it’s just me, we work single man cars. But now I can look back and I have this dog really happy, excited to work, his tongue out, tail wagging, just come on dad let’s go, so I know it’s just super cool to have back up with me, every call no matter what, I can just pop the door and I know he’s coming and he wants to work.”

K9 Enzo has only been with the department a week, but has already found cocaine in a car during a traffic stop.