SARASOTA- Democrat Margaret Good is taking on six-term Congressman Vern Buchanan in the 2020 race.

Just over a year after flipping a red seat blue in the Florida State House, State Representative Margaret Good is trying to do the same thing in Congress.

“I don’t think it’s just my statehouse district that needs better representation,” Good said. “This entire region needs a representative that is going to actually do the work in Washington to represent our needs and our issues.”

Good plans to spend the next year and a half traveling the district and listening to what voters want.

‘We all want to have access to healthcare for ourselves and our families,” Good said. “We all want to make sure that we can continue swimming in the Gulf, we all want to make sure that our quality of life is not impaired because our water bodies are impaired.”

Good says she wants to bring some civility back to Washington.

“I believe that there is more that unites us then divides us,” Good said. “And what I have tried to focus on in the Florida house and what I will focus on in Washington are the things that unite us.”

Congressman Vern Buchanan has held the seat since 2007.

“I welcome Margaret to the race,” Buchanan said. “And Democracy is about a battle of ideas and we’re going to have plenty of time to focus on that next year.”

Good faces an uphill battle in the reliably red district.

“I am not afraid of a tough fight when it’s doing what’s right for this community,” Good said. “And I am going to work as hard as possible to make sure our community gets really good representation.”

In the first 24 hours of announcing her run, Good raised over $135,000 dollars.