SARASOTA - "They’re not doing yoga to meditation music; they’re doing it to trap music. They’re doing trap yoga!" says participant Malaika Salaam.

This class mixes your traditional downward dog to an unexpected beat and its here on the Suncoast for the first time. So, what is trap yoga, exactly?

Mother daughter duo Malaika and Amina Salaam are here from St. Pete to take part in a yoga class where letting loose is highly encouraged.

“It is a yoga class to trap music, so trap being trap music hip hop, rap music and yoga as a vinyasa style," says Meeyogi lead instructor Mya Cato.

Cato teaches this breath to movement style yoga, cheering on class members as they let the dj’s beat take over.  “There’s other classes that are focused on building the heat. We really pump our energy, we build strength, we build flexibility," says Cato.

She says the beginner friendly class promotes diversity and inclusion.

“We’re trying to change the face of it in a sense, make it more accessible make it more fun and still teaching the principles of yoga," explains Cato.

The message Cato hopes to bring to those wanting to try trap yoga is simple.

“I guess meditation comes in many forms honestly, and relaxation looks different for different people. I think it’s improtnat for people to see that there’s many different ways for people to have a yoga practice," says Malaika and Amina Salaam.

Here bare feet, sweaty smiles and a little shimmy show how being different is a whole lot of fun.