SARASOTA COUNTY-  Voters decided that Sarasota County Commission will move to Single Member districts thanks to a 2018 election vote, now the commission is planning to re-draw the lines based on population, but the plan is getting some push back.

 “Single member districts is now a reality for Sarasota County,” Bryan said. “But they feel that with the population, they want to look at numbers and then play with the lines, and we know what that is.”

A spokesperson for the county says Kurt Spitzer and Associates has been chosen to help the commission during redistricting because of their previous work in the area and the condensed timeline.

Susette Bryan with the Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections says the  commission should wait to redistrict until the census is complete.  

“Very accurate, trustworthy,” Bryan said. “And why a few months before that spend at the present minute $50 thousand dollars to do a study by an independent firm just doesn’t make sense off the top of the hat.”

Bryan is concerned that changing the lines will prevent people from being able to vote.

“They are disenfranchised they cannot vote,” Bryan said. “And then in 2020 the lines will change again but they will not be able to vote in this election, that is a serious, serious consideration.”

Bryan says she wants the topic to be transparent, but she’s concerned not everyone will understand the consequences of redistricting.

“With the current climate of political bombardment,” Bryan said. “And people just turned off by politics, they’re not going to be paying attention to this.”

The commission will not be making any official decisions until they return from their summer recess at the end of August.