NORTH PORT - Over the course of the last month, the Sarasota County Dept. of Health has conducted three inspections of a pool in North Port operated by the Sky Family YMCA. Multiple infractions were found. 

"Things such as some of the tiling being chipped at the surface of the pool which can create sharp edges. There was some water quality and algae concerns and then also the flow rate and the flow meter of the pool wasn't satisfactory," City of North Port Parks and Rec's Laura Ansel said. 

"The pool is extremely old. It needs a lot of love and we were doing our best to work through the violations and any of the violations that we could fix immediately were fixed immediately," YMCA's Director of Communications Erin Chokr said. 

For now, the city staff has received instruction from the City Commission to pursue a public private partnership for not only the pool itself but all of the buildings that are on the campus. 

"That is going to be back for commission in November so, of course, that's a long term fix. It's something to look at the facility. So, we're not going to be investing more money and more dollars at this time into upgrading or fixing the facility," Ansel said. 

"We're disappointed that the facility has decided to close the pool now and we really hope that we can continue working with the city to, you know, make the City of North Port better for the community and the families and the children there," Chokr said.