MANATEE COUNTY -  Less than two months following a rollover crash on I-75, a mother of four and her family are adjusting to her new life as a quadriplegic. It was every parent's worst nightmare. Kevin Kruse said, "You get a call at 7:30 in the morning that your family's in an accident and you can't do anything. You're not sure of anybody's condition, where they're at, what their condition is." Turned reality for Kevin on a visit to St. Louis. While his daughter, Casey was just an hour away from her new home in Bradenton.

Kevin said it was the first time the mother of four would have all of her children living under the same roof,  just minutes away from Kevin and his wife. Kevin said, "She's got two older children, a 20–year–old daughter and a 17–year–old son and she has a 7–year–old and a 9–year–old. They were coming down here just to rebuild their lives together."

Casey, her mom, Casey's son, and two friends leaving their home in St. Louis with an SUV and a trailer towed behind, when that dream turned dreary in an instant on I-75. He said, "They hit south of Brookesville. They clipped the car next to them and overcompensated trying to get back into that lane. I guess the weight of that trailer had pushed the SUV and it had rolled about 5 times. At that point, Casey had her neck broken."

Casey was airlifted to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, where she underwent spinal surgery and was diagnosed quadriplegic. Kevin said on the road to recovery, every day has brought something new for Casey, who remains at the hospital. He said, "You just don't know. She's got movement coming back She's got movement in one leg. Her arms, she can still move those but nothing to the hands other than being able to grasp a little with her thumb and forefinger."

Kevin said Casey was approved by Medicaid Wednesday, now outpatient care at Mount Dora is on the horizon. But other expenses are adding up. He said, "The medical supplies that they say we need but we never thought of. The doctors that can do the follow ups to make sure there's nothing going on with the bed sores, pressure sores."

But the headstrong mom, won't stop fighting to begin her new life."They say it looks good because of the fact that she has feeling in all parts of her body. It's just getting the movement back. We hope it continues to come back and she can get her motor skills back."

If you'd like to help Casey and here family out, click here for her GoFundMe page.