SARASOTA - Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office say 41-year-old Frank McKay and his girlfriend Adecia Johnson were both arrested on Sunday after being alerted to a possible child abuse incident.

"Through investigation, through witness statements, interviews we conducted, and two search warrants we executed we charged two individuals, that’s Mr. McKay and Ms. Johnson his girlfriend, with aggravated child abuse,” said Kaitlyn Perez, spokesperson for the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. 

Investigators say McKay would bind the child with zip ties to a piece of plywood at his home, Johnson home, and his at his job. Deputies say Mckay’s reason was to punish the child for stealing food.

“The child was allegedly zip tied to this piece of plywood so that the child would not have access to food," said Perez. "The defendant Mr. McKay was concerned because the child kept stealing food because the child was hungry."

Jewel Johnson, McKay’s neighbor, tells us McKay is a nice guy and was shocked when she heard the news. 

"I was shocked I would have never thought that would have happened because he’s an all-around nice guy," said Johnson. "Always nice to his neighbors always friendly I would never have thought that would happen."

Deputies say the child was given a salad, a banana and two bottles of water a day while bound to the plywood. There were other children living in the home as well but did not suffer face any abuse.

McKay and Johnson are charged with  False Imprisonment and Aggravated Child Abuse. Due to Marsy's Law deputies are not releasing the relationship between McKay and the victim.