SARASOTA -The roundabouts on U.S 41 are one step closer to having art work approved.

The two month long call to artists competition which began in January of this year. During a six-hour long meeting Wednesday members of the public art committee unanimously narrowed down their options to two structures during a six hour long meeting Wednesday. 'Life in the Sea Grass' by artist Casto Solano and 'Poly' by Nancy Hou are the finalists. Leslie Butterfield with the art committee describes the vastly different top choices.

“It’s this beautiful piece with meandering stainless steel pieces that look like sea grass. Maybe they’re going to have some fish, maybe an eel. It looks like a vase that’s lit from inside. It’s blue and white and lots of angles. It’s made out of steel, it’s a beautiful piece," says Butterfield.

The $150,000 budget allotted for each sculpture is paid for by developer contributions. The art structures will be shown to the City Commission on Sept . 3rd for final approval, before being sent for a review by the Florida Department of Transportation