SARASOTA - Nutritious snacks known as backpacks are part of All Faiths Food Bank's summer program funded by the  campaign against summer hunger which are aimed to provide children at numerous schools in the Sarasota County School District meals and healthy food on a daily basis. 

"We are currently at 118 backpack locations, we also have 9 school pantries and 8 summer learning programs and in these summer learning programs we teach families how to cook and buy groceries at a cost-effective level and last year we were able to feed nearly 36,000 children for meals over the summer," All Faiths Food Bank Olivia Scott said. 

The All Faith Food Bank supplies nutritious backpacks as well as meals that children's families will not be able to normally supply to them on their own. 

"During the summer they are actually not able to get breakfast and lunch at home so we do believe that these programs are able to fill that need they usually get during the school year and that so they can have something throughout the summer," Scott said.